Recycled Materials Pledge

The Recycled Materials Pledge is an APCO initiative designed to drive greater uptake of recycled content in packaging, stimulate collaboration and investments, and signal to industry and governments that there is critical demand for recycled materials in packaging.

Modelled on similar programs operating in Europe, the Pledge will see APCO Members commit to the volumes of specific materials they will transition from virgin to recycled materials by 2025. The Pledge provides a detailed understanding of local demand to inform the broader industry of the reprocessing infrastructure, investment, partnerships, and actions required. By capturing a comprehensive view of future demand for our packaging, recycling, and remanufacturing industries, APCO can bring together the needs of industry and governments and help to facilitate the necessary reprocessing and manufacturing opportunities.

APCO in collaboration with industry has spent the last few years unpacking the barriers of recycled materials in packaging through a variety of methods including working groups, research reports, case studies, and support guides. The major gaps in material availability, volume, and quality are evident. But high-quality recycled material will not become available until a robust market exists. The Pledge extends beyond a detailed data capture activity, into providing clarity over market demand to facilitate partnership, investment, and growth. By capturing and sharing this detail on recycled packaging materials with all stakeholders, Australian business and governments can together implement informed strategies to maximise these local circular economic opportunities.

Step 1. APCO Members to Pledge

All APCO Members are encouraged to get involved and pledge their use of recycled materials out to 2025. This initiative aligns with APCO Annual Reporting and Action Planning timelines to facilitate the opportunity to break down overarching targets into specific, tangible commitments and actions. This is about businesses playing their role in the circular economy and taking small steps together. The Pledge is the initial step for some businesses in their sustainability journey or, for others, a reinforcement of current circular commitments. 

Step 2. APCO to analyse and share

All Pledges will be aggregated, analysed, and shared publicly throughout APCO’s networks. By bringing together the stakeholders that make up our packaging value chain, covering both the demand and supply-side, APCO can help facilitate knowledge sharing, partnerships, investment, growth, and, ultimately, the development of a circular economy for packaging.


More about Recycled Materials

This initiative is just one of many driving the circular transition and increase of recycled materials in packaging. It works in synergy with the Recycled Materials Traceability Standard, the ANZPAC Plastics Pact, Australian Government Recycling Modernisation Fund, Australian Circular Economy Hub, and many more.