APCO Annual Awards

Applications for the Our Packaging Future awards now open

With the APCO Awards and Collective Impact Summit approaching 18 November, the time has come to submit your entries for this year’s Our Packaging Future awards!

This year we have some particularly exciting news – APCO has partnered with the Banksia Foundation to allow Our Packaging Future award winners to be automatically entered into the National Banksia Sustainability award for Circular transition at the 33rd Banksia Sustainability Awards

The Banksia Sustainability Awards are the longest running sustainability awards in Australia. Designed to align with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the awards recognise leadership and innovation in all areas of sustainability across the country.

Applying for the Our Packaging Future Awards

Unlike the APCO Industry and Outstanding Achievement Awards, which Brand Owner Members are automatically entered for, with winners based on Annual Reporting scores, the Our Packaging Future Awards are self-nominated. These Awards highlight innovation and leadership from Members in the following areas:

Our Packaging Future Award for Improved Collection and Recycling Systems

This Award highlights Members that have set up new and improved collection and recycling systems in the last year. This could include any new initiatives, programs or partnerships that can demonstrate tangible improvements to material collection and recycling.

Last year’s winners, TerraCycle Australia & New Zealand, were recognised for a partnership with Colgate Australia to recover hard-to-recycle oral care waste.

Download the application form here.  

Our Packaging Future Award in End-Market Leadership

This Award highlights Members that through leadership, collaboration and innovation, have developed new end-markets for recycled materials in the last year. This could include significant commitments to using recycled content in packaging, working with other organisations to setup closed-loop systems to avoid waste to landfill, or a range of other initiatives. Award recipients must be able to demonstrate how this end-market solution has benefited the community.

Last year’s winners, Coca-Cola Amatil, were recognised for becoming the first company to offer 100% recycled PET packaging for both still and carbonated beverages in Australia.

Download the application form here

Our Packaging Future Award for Packaging Sustainability Education (Industry and Consumer)

These Awards highlights Members that have improved understanding and awareness of sustainable packaging through communications and education initiatives or campaign in the last year. This could include marketing campaigns to improve awareness of the Australasian Recycling Label or running workshops or webinars on packaging sustainability. These programs can be internal within your organisation, or external with customers and suppliers.

As it is equally important to both encourage consumers to engage in positive recycling behaviour, and encourage businesses to commit to improving sustainability processes, this award is split into two sub-categories – consumer education and industry education.

Last year’s winner in the consumer education category, Unilever Australia and New Zealand was recognised for its ‘buy better’ campaign which educated consumers on the difference between virgin and recycled material, along with the importance of recycled content in driving a circular economy for plastic packaging. Meanwhile, the winners in the industry education category, ALDI, were congratulated for its campaign to engage, educate and inspire ALDI employees, suppliers, business partners and customers, on the importance of plastic reduction and the company’s 25by25 Plastics and Packaging commitment.

Download the application form here for industry, and here for consumer

How to apply

These categories are open to all APCO Covenant Supporter Members and Brand Owner Members. Please note - this Award is a self-nomination category. To enter your organisation, please complete this application form by Friday, 1 October.

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As always, please contact the Member Services Team if you have any questions. In the meantime, bookmark 18 November, we look forward to seeing you all there!