The APCO team share a passion and commitment for developing Australia’s circular economy for packaging. 

To find out more about APCO or to enquire about becoming a Member, contact our Member Services team.


Chris Foley

Chief Executive Officer

James Tarrant

Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Meredith Epp

Head of Sustainable Programs

Lesley Fox

Head of Partnerships & Projects

Peter Brisbane

Head of Government Partnerships

Esther Bailey

Head of Systems Transformation & Change

Liam O’Keefe

Head of Product Stewardship

Projects and Partnerships

Janell Siek

Sustainable Packaging Manager

Kobie Keenan

Project Manager

Galia Langley Juter

SME Program Manager

Amanda Preston

Partnerships Manager

Kira Richards

Product Stewardship Coordinator

Rhea Lalwani

Projects Coordinator

Antonio Marañon

Sustainable Packaging Administrator

Government Partnerships

Ruby Shultz

Government Partnerships Coordinator

ARL Program

Sarah Sannen

ARL Program Manager

Song-Hee Warrell

ARL Program Coordinator

Anneliese Syder

ARL Program Coordinator

Anthea McDonald

ARL Program Coordinator

Anna Mankucka

ARL Program Coordinator

Alex Turner

ARL Administrator

Connor McMurtrie

ARL Administrator

ANZPAC Program

Angela Mayer

ANZPAC Program Manager

Geena Harnisch

ANZPAC Program Coordinator

Member Services

Alison Appleby

APCO Member Services Manager

Sydney Cagli

Member Services Coordinator

Neha Madappa

Member Services Coordinator

Elena Bailey

Member Services Administrator

Ethan Van Hilst

Member Services Administrator

Communications and Marketing

Claire Laffan

Senior Communications Manager

Jocelyn Wardle

Communications, Programs & Events Coordinator

Casey Goins

Marketing & Content Coordinator


Helen Levy

Accounts & Coordination Manager

Cooper Fitzgerald

Compliance Coordinator