Resource Essentials

Guides and Tools

Discover resources to help inspire and support your sustainable packaging initiative

Resources across the packaging value chain

Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPGs)

Design guidance to optimise outcomes for packaging functionality and sustainability.

SPGs Checklist

Use to record the outcomes of packaging reviews against the SPGs.

Design Chart: Packaging or Product

Use to help determine if an item is considered ‘packaging’ or ‘product’.

Quickstart Guides

Design guidance to improve the recyclability of different packaging materials in Australia.

Considerations for Compostable Plastic Packaging

Information on compostable plastic packaging standards, certifications and potential applications.

Recycled Content Guide

Clear and practical information on how to incorporate recycled content into packaging.

Material Focus

Action Plan for Problematic and/or Unnecessary Single-Use Plastic Packaging

Guidance on how to address problematic and/or unnecessary single-use plastic packaging through innovative, sustainable solutions.

Action Plan to Phase Out PFAS in Fibre-Based Food Contact Packaging

Supports businesses to voluntarily phase out intentionally added PFAS in fibre-based food contact packaging.

Roadmap to Implement the National Phase Out of Business-To-Consumer EPS Packaging

Sets out steps to address the environmental impacts associated with business-to-consumer EPS packaging.

Australia Packaging Consumption & Recovery Data

Australian packaging consumption and recovery data used to inform progress towards the 2025 Targets.

Material Fact Sheets

Short overviews on the production, consumption and recovery of different material types in Australia.

Material Stewardship Committee Roadmaps

Coming soon.