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Join over 2,200 Brand Owners, ranging from local to multinational corporations, in our shared commitment to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. If you are an association or sustainability professional, APCO also offers other types

Member Benefits 

APCO Brand Owners form part of a problem-solving collective movement towards a circular economy for packaging. Members gain access to a range of benefits, including: 


Brand Owner Membership provides organisations with a supported and guided pathway to comply with obligations under the Covenant, and in turn meet requirements under the NEPM.

  • Access to sustainable packaging programs and resources 


  • Direct access to APCO Member Services Team 
    • Members receive personalised assistance through email, phone consultations and meetings:
    • Support and guidance across the APCO Member Centre, APCO Reporting Tool and Interactive Learning Tool.
      • Exclusive Member resources and programs to support Members’ specific goals and objectives.
      • Support in working towards the 2025 National Packaging Targets.
      • Tailored support for new Members during onboarding with APCO
      • Support for implementation of the SPGs and meeting regulatory obligations.
      • Support for Members in preparing for APCO Annual Reporting.



What is a Brand Owner? 

As defined in the NEPM, a Brand Owner is: 

  • A person who is the owner or licensee in Australia of a trademark under which a product is sold or otherwise distributed in Australia, whether the trademark is registered or not; or 
  • A person who is the franchisee in Australia of a business arrangement which allows an individual, partnership or company to operate under the name of an already established business; or 
  • In the case of a product which has been imported, the first person to sell that product in Australia; or 
  • In respect of in-store packaging, the supplier of the packaging to the retailer; or 
  • In respect of plastic bags, the importer or manufacturer of the plastic bags or the retailer who provides the plastic bag to the consumer for the transportation of products purchased by the consumer at the point of sale. 


Brand Owner Member obligations  

Brand Owner Members must meet the requirements of the Covenant, with obligations set out in Section 10 Part C of the Covenant document. Key obligations include: 

  • Within three months of becoming a Signatory, submit an action plan that sets out what the Signatory proposes to do to contribute to the Covenant’s aim and meets the obligations published by APCO. 
  • By 31 March each year, commencing in the financial year following the year in which a company becomes a Signatory, submit an annual report that outlines performance against all of the action plan commitments and meets the reporting obligations as published by APCO. 
  • Publish the action plan and annual reports on its website in a prominent and readily identifiable way. 
  • Make annual financial contributions in the form of Membership fees payable to APCO (for Australia / for International Affiliate). 

Join as an APCO Brand Owner Member 

Is your business ready to be part of Australia’s packaging transformation?

The Covenant) applies to all businesses in the packaging supply chain (with a turnover greater than $5 million), including those selling packaging or packaged products to other businesses or individuals. To help determine if you may be required to meet obligations under the NEPM, assess your liability here.


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Find out more in our Brand Owner Membership Information Pack or contact the APCO Member Services Team.

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