Award Winning Members

The APCO Annual Awards celebrate Australian organisations that are leading the way in sustainable packaging excellence and innovation. 

All shortlisted businesses display a deep dedication to delivering Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets through circular packaging design, improved recycling systems and education, and driving uptake of recycled content in packaging. Finalists and award winners are also recognised for their commitment to collaboration with the wider supply chain and clear leadership among their peers and competitors. 

Open to all Members, the awards are based on exceptional performance in the annual APCO reporting process, as well as packaging sustainability achievements that demonstrate commitment to the 2025 National Packaging Targets and a circular economic approach to packaging. The categories include industry sector-focused awards and excellence categories that recognise outstanding achievement by teams and individuals. Awards are assessed on criteria developed to drive continual improvement and align with the Packaging Sustainability Framework, a 13-part evidence-based framework covering leadership, outcomes and operations. 

Details about the 2020 APCO Annual Awards are available on the Events page. 

Meet our 2019 award winners

Sustainable Packaging Excellence Award - CHEP Australia


Circularity and sustainability are at the heart of the CHEP Australia business model. The organisation collaborates with a broad range of businesses across several industries, including many APCO Members, to build and support sustainable supply chains. CHEP continually innovates to increase material efficiency and all platforms are circular, meaning they are shared and reused many times, reducing the need for single-use alternatives. CHEP’s products are made from either certified sustainable timber or other materials such as plastics which are recovered and recycled once reaching end-of-life.

Outstanding Achievement in Sustainable Packaging Operations - Amgen Australia


Amgen Australia uses its Green Packaging Tool to integrate sustainability considerations into all areas of packaging design, enabling the organisation to make great progress against its 2020 packaging targets. Amgen continues to strive for more sustainable solutions within its cold chain product distribution, with the aim to remove as much single-use packaging and adopt reusable solutions where compliantly possible. The organisation is also actively researching and testing alternative tray types to increase ease of recycling in health care facilities.

Outstanding Achievement for Packaging Design - Panasonic Australia


As an active participant in numerous product stewardship schemes, Panasonic Australia has worked on a range of reductions and material efficiency initiatives for its packaging. In 2017 and 2018, the organisation delivered consecutive reductions to the packaging size of the Panasonic 4K BD Player, achieving a 57% overall reduction for individual packaging, as well as reductions in associated shipping packaging. Packaging reviews by engineers ensure increased material efficiency and recycled content where possible, without compromising on product protection. 

Industry Leadership - BioPak


Food service packaging manufacturer BioPak takes a collaborative approach to packaging sustainability, participating in the 2018 APCO Working Groups, partnering with the Australasian Bioplastics Association marketing team and working with the Australian Organics Recycling Association to divert food waste from landfill using compostable packaging for single-use food service items. BioPak helps connect its customers with organics collection programs to compost their packaging. A thorough review of all packaging has also led BioPak to design a new lid for cold cups that avoids the need for straws and investigate opportunities to replace plastic sleeves with an alternative material type. 

High Performing New Member - Marechal Australia


In its first reporting year, Marechal Australia has shown great initiative, having reviewed all SKUs against the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPGs). The team has achieved material efficiency optimisation across all SKUs and is using the lowest quantity of recyclable cardboard possible, while still ensuring the safety of the brand’s high value electrical goods. Currently 100% of Marechal Australia’s solid waste is being recovered.

APCO Sustainability Champion - Dairmaid O'Mordha

Diarmaid O'Mordha 2019 Sustainability Champion

Diarmaid O’Mordha is the Quality and Sustainability Manager at Endeavour Drinks (BWS, Dan Murphy’s) and is a lead organiser of the Wine Industry Sustainable Packaging Alliance (WISPA), a collaborative group working to improve packaging sustainability across the wine supply chain. Diarmaid worked in partnership with APCO to develop the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines for the beverage industry and launched several projects to help the wine industry to achieve the 2025 National Packaging Targets.

Meet the highest performing Member in each sector: 

  • Chemicals & Agriculture Sector-LyondellBasell Australia
  • Clothing, Footwear & Fashion Sector - Hugo Boss Australia
  • Electronics Sector - Dell Australia
  • Food & Beverage Sector - Red Rooster Food
  • Homewares Sector - LEGO Australia
  • Large Retailer Sector - Coles Supermarkets Australia
  • Logistics Sector - CHEP Australia
  • Machinery & Hardware Sector - RYCO Group
  • Packaging Manufacturer Sector - Detmold Packaging
  • Personal Care Sector - ABC Tissue Products
  • Pharmaceuticals Sector - Amgen Australia
  • Telecommunications Sector - SingTel Optus.