Take Action - Become an APCO Brand Owner

Your organisation has taken action and selected the pathway to join APCO and become a Signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant. Below you will find more detail about APCO Membership and a link to the sign-up form.

Brand Owner Membership

When joining as a Brand Owner Member, you also become a Signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (the Covenant). Through this Membership type, APCO provides your organisation with a supported and guided pathway to comply with the obligations of the Covenant and national regulatory framework.

Member obligations are set out in Section 10 Part C of the Covenant (page 17) and include:

  • New Member Action Plan: a one-off plan Members must sign within three (3) months of joining.
  • APCO Annual Report: submitted online by the 31st March each year.
  • APCO Action Plan: Members must develop and submit annually following completion of the APCO Annual Report.
  • Membership fees: paid annually to APCO based on your annual turnover - click here to view the fee schedule.   


Membership benefits

As a Brand Owner Member, your organisation will gain access to a range of benefits. 


Meet Compliance Regulations

  • Support to meet regulatory obligations under the NEPM. 
  • Access the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPGs), a government-supported, national resource for packaging best practice.
  • Be part of the progress to deliver 11 key actions under the 2019 National Waste Policy Action Plan - Australia’s national approach to building a circular economy. 


Access Networks and Resources  

  • Exclusive access to the APCO Member Centre and Member resources, including case studies, webinars, technical guides and more. 
  • Access to the APCO Annual Reporting Tool and the Packaging Sustainability Framework.
  • Exclusive access to the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) Program, including the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (PREP) and use of the ARL.
  • Access to APCO Working and Advisory Groups.
  • Access to APCO events, industry roundtables, training and discounted partner events.  


Drive Sustainability 

  • Develop a clear strategy and practical implementation plan to improve your packaging operations.
  • Access to APCO’s team of experts in sustainable packaging and the circular economy.
  • Create cost savings, improve supply chain relationships, develop business efficiencies and opportunities. 
  • Enhance brand reputation, engage staff and customers through alignment of corporate social responsibility and values, attract talent and promote innovation. 
  • Receive recognition for progress through APCO’s communication platforms, consumer education partnerships, events and annual awards.
  • Track progress in upholding a commitment to sustainable packaging with the APCO Annual Reporting Tool. 
  • Be part of a problem solving collective, working in collaboration with local and global sustainability leaders in government, industry, community groups and academia. 
  • Join the movement working to meet the 2025 National Packaging Targets.
  • Meet growing demand from suppliers, customers and stakeholders for tangible, evidence-based action on sustainability issues.

Click here to join APCO.