APCO's Co-Regulatory Model

APCO, its Members, industry, and state and federal governments all agree to comply with the obligations set out within the Australian Packaging Covenant (the Covenant). This co-regulatory framework recognises that all sectors and governments have both a responsibility and a role to play, working together to find the best possible solutions for packaging efficiency and sustainability in Australia.

Engaging all parts of the packaging value chain across industries is crucial to create end-to-end collaboration. APCO enables businesses to work together with government to deliver the 2025 National Packaging Targets (2025 Targets) and build a circular economy for packaging in Australia. 


What does co-regulation mean for Members?


APCO provides Members with a simple, cost-effective way to demonstrate and action their commitment to packaging sustainability. APCO helps Members work collectively with industry and government to achieve common goals, and maximise the potential for long-term, positive change to the way that packaging is designed, used and recovered for future use in Australia.

As the organisation responsible for delivering the Covenant, APCO ensures that all Members are recognised for their efforts and receive value from their commitment to the Covenant. The value of Membership includes:

  • A unique platform to exchange best practice ideas, knowledge and insight.
  • Access to a transparent and accountable monitoring system that drives continued. improvement via the APCO Annual Reporting process to the prescribed Packaging Sustainability Framework.
  • Meet growing demand from suppliers, customers and stakeholders for tangible, evidence-based action on sustainability issues.
  • Create cost savings, improve supply chain relationships, develop business efficiencies and opportunities. 
  • Enhance brand reputation, engage staff and customers through alignment of corporate social responsibility and values, attract talent and promote innovation. 
  • Receive recognition for progress through APCO’s communication platforms, consumer education partnerships, events and annual awards.
  • Be part of a problem solving collective, working in collaboration with local and global sustainability leaders in government, industry, community groups and academia. 
  • Join the movement working to meet the 2025 Targets.