The Collective Action Group

The Collective Action Group (CAG) is a team of leading industry representatives from across the supply chain and all levels of government who oversee the strategic delivery and the design of a systemic model for how Australia can transition to an advanced sustainable packaging ecosystem. 

The committee’s ongoing purpose is to play a convening and advisory role, working across the whole packaging value chain. It will identify, deliver and advocate for a system-level context that supports highest and best function and recovery for all packaging materials. 


The CAG focuses on cross-cutting themes and enablers that impact on all materials streams. It helps identify and advocate for a supportive market and policy context that encourages economic development of thriving circular economy for packaging materials. It will identify the data gaps that need to be filled. It develops market insights to support efficient investment in the sector. The CAG will have oversight of the Materials Stewardship Committees


Amongst other priorities, the CAG will: 

  • Set a vision, priorities and data roadmap for a circular economy for packaging.   
  • Make recommendations for the establishment of an enhanced co-regulatory framework. 
  • Advocate for a harmonised policy framework. 
  • Publish a market insight report to support investment in the sector. 

Members of the CAG include*: 

*Name, Company role, Company (Representation in CAG) 


  • Andrew Smith, Executive General Manager, PACT Recycling (Manufacturer) 
  • Cameron Hutchinson, Branch Head – Waste Policy and Planning Brand, DCCEEW (Government) 
  • Garth Lamb, Chief Development Officer, Re Group (Recycling and Resource Recovery) 
  • Gemma Dawson, Manager Waste Strategy, City of Sydney (Local Council) 
  • Heinz Schandl, Senior Science Leader, CSIRO (Academia) 
  • Jacky Nordsvan, Systems for Recycling Lead, Nestlé (Brand Owner) 
  • Jane Cronin, Director – Packaging Policy and Reform, DCCEEW (Commonwealth Government) 
  • Jeroen Rens, Director – R&D, Bega Dairy (Brand Owner) 
  • Kanish Nadarajah, Head of Strategic, Sustainable & Responsible Sourcing/Procurement, Coles (Retailer) 
  • Kate Baker, Circular Economy & Sustainability Manager, Visy (Recycling & Resource Recovery) 
  • Kylie Hughes, Director – Waste Policy and Legislation, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (State Government) 
  • Natasha Alford, Director – Circular Economy, NT Government (Observer Government) 
  • Nerida Kelton, Executive Director, Australian Institute of Packaging (Academia) 
  • Nicholas Rodgers, Packaging Technologist Sustainability, EGO Pharmaceuticals (Brand Owner) 
  • Paul Klymenko, Chief Sustainability Advisor, Planet Ark (Education) 
  • Peter Bury, Director – Strategy, Energy, and Research, Chemistry Australia (Design) 
  • Suzanne Toumbourou , CEO, Australian Council of Recycling (Recycling and Reprocessing) 

Find out more about the role of the Collective Action Group here.