Working Groups

APCO’s Working Groups bring together representatives from government, industry, academia and the community sector to drive progress on Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets. 

Since 2018, these collaborative forums have harnessed the skills and expertise of more than 200 professionals from across Australia’s complex packaging supply chain.

FY21 Working Groups

In FY21, APCO is facilitating five Working Groups, which meet regularly through a series of workshops. 

APCO’s FY21 Working Groups include:

  • National Packaging Targets Implementation
  • Design
  • Systems & Education
  • Materials Circularity
  • Container Deposit Scheme – new. 

A major addition to this year’s Working Groups program is the inclusion of a fifth group exploring the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) model. The group will support the Container Deposit Scheme Coordinators to drive accountability, transparency and shared value for consumers, industry and government through harmonisation of the various Schemes across Australia. This includes a comprehensive program that will seek to innovate and evolve the way we sort, recover and reuse beverage packaging containers.

How Working Groups connect to the 2025 Targets 

Working Groups are one of APCO’s most important collaboration tool within the broader program of work underway to deliver Australia’s 2025 Targets. In FY21 our Working Groups have been structured around the critical strategies outlined in Our Packaging Future– Australia’s national roadmap to 2025. 

Each Working Group is also responsible for planning, developing and overseeing APCO’s program of Priority Projects. In FY21, Priority Projects include action plans for problematic and unnecessary, single-use plastic packaging, traceability of recycled content, strategies to increase reuse models, designing for recyclability. Read the full program of Priority Projects here.