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11 November

Banksia Foundation and Edge Environment Sustainability Success Webinar

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“What we are achieving around sustainability – Let’s focus on our success and where it’s taking us”.

The focus on sustainability has never been greater, why aren’t we all acknowledging our sustainability achievements? In this webinar on November 11, we invite a cross section of innovative leaders to discuss the value of sustainability storytelling. The inspiration that this creates for Australia, the current sustainability landscape and what is needed to create a broader uptake and an optimistic approach, so we can create greater momentum towards our Goals.

This webinar is hosted by the Banksia Foundation in collaboration with Edge Environment as a lead up to the 33rd National Banksia Awards. APCOs Sustainability Manager, Jayne Parmor will also have the opportunity to speak and share insight on sustainability success. The aim is to explore and acknowledge sustainability achievements across Australia along with increasing sustainability storytelling. Edge's position of catalysing sustainable change through strategy, science, and storytelling ties in nicely with The Banksia Foundation's Awards which aims to recognise and reward excellence in sustainability across Australia. Entries are open now. Find out more here.

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