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10 November

AIP New Certified Compostable Packaging Training Course

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The AIP will be running a new Certified Compostable Packaging Training Course on the 10 of November (9am AEDT) and all of industry is invited to attend.

How do you select the right package to brand and protect your product, deliver it right through to your consumer, and then enable the package to be beneficially recovered? Increasingly your choice here might include a compostable pack.

Certified Compostable packaging is a potential solution to meet aspects of the Australian 2025 National Packaging Targets, so it is vital that it is considered together with the other desirable outcomes – reusability and recyclability, as our overall aim is to achieve greater circularity for packaging. Selecting the wrong pack, or not considering all aspects, can cause major issues downstream at the package recovery phase.

This course will provide some insights to explore the decision-making process, to firstly confirm that compostable packaging is the right format for the product and if so, assist in the appropriate selection. You will then gain an understanding of the necessary consumer actions and infrastructure that is essential to ensure compostable packaging can be recovered once discarded, so that it has a positive environmental impact in its various end uses.


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