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Update 22 November 2022: Please note that a number of APCO’s resources reference the REDcycle program. Given the REDcycle program is currently suspended, we will look to update resources as and when required. We appreciate your patience. 

Supply Chain Support, Compostable, 2025 Targets

APCO Case Study: Compost Connect - BioPak

2025 Targets, Recyclable, Reusable

APCO Case Study: Espire Clothing

Collective Impact, Reusable, 2025 Targets

APCO Case Study: KeepCup

Soft Plastics, Recyclable, 2025 Targets

APCO Case Study: Sancell

Recyclability, PREP, Recycled Content


Collective Impact, 2025 Targets

APCO Collective Impact Report

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