Member Opportunity

15 February 2021

Bookings are now open for the first virtual AIP Training Course ‘Fundamentals of Plastic in Packaging’ which will be held on the 25th of March 2021. The course trainer will be Prof Pierre Pienaar MSc, FAIP, CPP, Education Director- Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP).


The ’Fundamentals of Plastic in Packaging’ training course will build your understanding of plastics materials and processing – helping you avoid common errors made when selecting the most suitable polymer. The course gives a good account of the importance of plastics and the part they play in packaging.


It is not imperative to have had any prior knowledge of polymers or chemistry as the course is structured to accommodate someone with little prior knowledge to the packaging industry as well as those who are new to plastics.


By the completion of the training, you will feel more confident in material selection, have a better knowledge of application, e.g. melting points, etc. and certainly a good understanding of what the various recycling symbols mean. As an additional feature attendees are invited to

bring along problem examples or product failures for general discussion or private consultation.


The key objectives of this training is to gain a good understanding of:

• Molecular structure of the main stream plastics used in packaging

• The difference between thermosets and thermoplastics

• How to establish what polymer is being used

• Have a good understanding of the mainstream plastics used in Packaging

• Understand the recycling symbols and what they mean to the industry and the consumer

• How does one convert a plastic from raw material to a finished component

• Get an understanding of plastic applications in the industry

• Discuss problems and find solutions to plastic issues

All participants will attain 12.5 Certified Professional Development points towards the Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) Designation.

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