Australasian Recycling Label Program goes from strength-to-strength, welcoming 500th Member and a range of iconic household brands

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19 April 2021

The Australasian Recycling Label Program (ARL Program) is continuing to soar in 2021, passing the 500th Member mark and welcoming a variety of new household brands.

As of March, more than 44 new organisations have already joined the ARL Program in 2021. Some of the businesses that will start their ARL Program journey by assessing their packaging recyclability using the innovative online Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal tool include:

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Pty Ltd
  • Northern Valley Packers
  • Straughton Group
  • Bluebird Foods Limited
  • Bostik Australia.


A range of organisations have also had their first ARL artwork approved and will soon have product packaging containing the label appearing on shelves to help their customers recycle correctly. Some exciting brands to look out for and support at the cash register include:


  • Paper Australia Pty Ltd
  • lululemon Athletica Australia Pty Ltd
  • Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd
  • Nerada Tea Pty Ltd.

In the past 12 months, 193 businesses have joined the ARL Program taking the total membership to 530.

Brooke Donnelly, CEO, APCO commented: “Congratulations and welcome to all of our new ARL Program Members. This month the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) was a key focus of the Australian Government’s inaugural National Plastics Plan, with the innovative labelling program recognised as a key consumer recycling education tool. With the Australian Government committing to work with industry to apply the ARL on at least 80% of supermarket products by December 2023, there has never been a better time for Australian businesses to get involved.”

Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, Trevor Evans MP, commented: "A huge congratulations to all of the new businesses that are doing their bit to make recycling easier by joining the ARL Program. The Australasian Recycling Label is a fantastic initiative that's endorsed by all Australian governments to help make recycling easier. Under the National Plastics Plan released in March, the Australian Government has committed to working with industry to see the ARL displayed on 80% of supermarket products by 2023. For anyone that hasn't yet joined up - what are you waiting for? I strongly encourage businesses of all sizes to get in touch with APCO today to find out more about the program and get started".

Sarah Chibnall, Group Director, Communications & Sustainability, H&H Group commented: "Brands have an important opportunity with their consumers, not just informing them of packaging materials but guiding them in how to dispose of the packaging after use. This is about being a responsible product organisation. 

“H&H Group and our brands in Australia – Swisse and Biostime – are committed to designing products with material recovery at the end of life in mind. Working closely with APCO is key to helping us improve our efforts in this space. We see the growing willingness of consumers to recycle and wholeheartedly believe that a higher number of brands that providing ARL guidance leads to better environmental outcomes and reduced waste. 

“ARL directions on packaging are an important part of the whole recycling system in Australia and play a key role in the positive reinforcement loop.”

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Alice Johnson: / 0413853281



The Australasian Recycling Label Program is an on-pack labelling scheme that helps consumers to recycle correctly and supports businesses to correctly design for, label and communicate about packaging recyclability. The ARL Program was developed in 2018 by APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation), Planet Ark and PREP Design. Since the launch of the label in September 2018, more than 500 organisations have joined the ARL Program, including many of Australia’s best-known brands and retailers, with tens of thousands of products already carrying the label in market.


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The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is the agency charged by government to make all packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. To achieve this goal, APCO is working closely with government and industry to deliver a range of sustainable design, recycling, waste to landfill reduction and circular economy projects. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading product stewardship organisations with a strong national and global collaborative network, APCO is committed to reducing the environmental impact of packaging on Australian communities by moving towards a circular economy.


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