APCO becomes an official endorser of the Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty

Monday 1 May 2023

APCO is proud to announce that we have become an official endorser for the Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty.  


Convened by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and WWF, The Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty brings together businesses and financial institutions committed to supporting the development of an ambitious, effective and legally binding UN treaty to end plastic pollution. 


Internationally, plastic production and consumption across the globe is set to triple by 2060. If we do nothing, it is predicted that plastics in oceans could outweigh fish by 2050. The Business Coalition has a vision of “…a circular economy in which plastic never becomes waste or pollution, and the value of products and materials is retained in the economy.  


APCO’s vision is very closely aligned. Our vision is to have a thriving circular economy for packaging where the environmental impacts of packaging are reduced in ways that deliver sustainable economic benefits. By doing becoming an official endorser, APCO supports the vision statement and objectives of the Business Coalition. 

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