Priority Projects

Every year, APCO delivers a program of Priority Projects to drive progress on Australia‚Äôs 2025 National Packaging Targets. 


In FY22, APCO will continue to engage with the entire supply chain on key activities and projects to achieve the Outcomes of Our Packaging Future. The National Packaging Targets Implementation Working Group has been established to monitor progress towards the 2025 Targets, identify actions that can be taken collectively, and foster collaboration on projects to address gaps and accelerate progress.


The FY22 Priority Projects include:


ARL Acceleration Project

This project will support the increased uptake and efficiencies of the ARL Program including website enhancement, a learning management system (LMS) and improvements to the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (PREP).


Sustainable Packaging Program

The Sustainable Packaging Program will support APCO Members to improve the sustainability of their packaging through webinars and learning sessions with a focus on the uptake of the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPGs), the ARL and Single-Use, Unnecessary and Problematic Plastic Packaging phase outs.


ARL SME Program

The ARL SME Program provides support for SMEs to make uptake of the ARL easier through SME targeted access to the ARL program, an SME Business Portal and specific resources, events and webinars.

ANZPAC PoPPr Project

A National Product Stewardship Investment Fund PSIF (2020) funded project that aims to design a national, industry-led collection and recovery program for used plant pots and other horticultural packaging materials. 


ANZPAC Oil Bottle Program

A National Product Stewardship Investment Fund PSIF (2020) funded project that aims to design a national collection and recovery program for used oil bottles in the automotive industry. 

National Consumer Education Campaign

The National Consumer Education Campaign is a two-year program to educate consumers about sustainable packaging. The program is supported by the Australian Government and is designed to improve Australians' awareness, understanding of, and behaviour relating to sustainable packaging. The main themes covered by the campaign include: Recycling, Recycled Content, Reusable Packaging, Packaging Reduction and Avoidance, Compostable Packaging and the Functional Role of Packaging. 

Annual material flow analysis

This project will collect 2020/21 material flow data and, along with updated Material Flow Analysis modelling, produce the annual measurement of progress towards the 2025 Targets. Click here to view previous material flow analysis reports.