Priority Projects

Every year, APCO delivers a program of Priority Projects to drive progress on Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets. 


The FY23 Priority Projects include:


SME ARl Program


The SME ARL Program aims to make adopting the ARL easier for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs). The program includes a new website and processes, tailored resources and support, events and webinars. More information can be found at

ANZPAC Oil Bottle Program

A National Product Stewardship Investment Fund PSIF (2020) funded project that aims to design a national collection and recovery program for used oil bottles in the automotive industry. 

Roadmap for Non-Recyclables

The roadmap for non-recyclables will guide decision-making on materials and formats not currently classified as recyclable to eliminate, replace, redesign or develop take-back programs, with the aim of reducing the amount of packaging on the market that is classified as ‘poorly recyclable’ and ‘not recyclable’.

Problematic and Unnecessary SUP Packaging Program

The Single-Use, Unnecessary and Problematic Plastic Packaging Program will support Brand Owners in the Phase Out of Problematic and Unnecessary Single Use Plastic Packaging (SUP) by reviewing and possibly updating the framework on what constitutes a SUP and developing a list of priority items for phase out, using the framework. 

Annual material flow analysis

This project will collect 2020/21 material flow data and along with updated Material Flow Analysis modelling, produce the annual measurement of progress towards the 2025 Targets. Click here to view previous material flow analysis reports